Industrial Water Use

Note: These draft forecasts are for discussion and use in regional water planning only. They reflect an application of current management practices into the future. As such, Councils may opt to adjust this current application.

Draft Industrial Forecasts (Posted April 2010)

Whenever possible, based on input from members of an industrial ad hoc group, product based forecasting methods were used. For product based forecasting, industry-specific production projections were used to project the rate of future growth in water use within the industry. For example, the carpet manufacturing industry provided an alternate method for forecasting. For industries where product based forecasting was not possible, industry-specific workforce projections were used to project the rate of future growth in water use within the industry.

The draft industrial water and wastewater forecasts are aggregated by region for each industry sector for the planning period. To provide the Council with a starting point for the selection of management practices, these draft forecasts have been disaggregated among relevant categories, such as the ratio of land application to point discharge for wastewater disposal.

The methodologies described above, as well as input EPD has received from industrial users,
have been presented and discussed with the Councils and also with industrial ad hoc groups.
The region-specific industry workforce projections that were used for this forecasting were
developed by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia, under
contract to Georgia EPD. These projections reflect comments received from the draft
workforce projections numbers released in 2009.

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